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Business Growth Course

121 course to help you make long term change. Business Growth Course involves weekly 1 hour sessions via Zoom or face to face.

The course is monthly but can be cancelled at any time. A minimum of 4 sessions is needed for this course and can continue for as long as you need.

grow your business

This course is suitable for start ups, spiritual businesses and existing business owners. Business Development Course involves weekly 1 hour sessions to bring your business to life and create abundance with minimal effort. Focusing on your strengths, I can help you provide a unique offering to help you stand out from the crowd. To confidently bring your ideas to life and market your brand. Each session involves channeled guidance to ensure you go down the path that will offer you the most success and joy. Clear any blocks, uncertainty and ensure you are not getting in your own way. 


- Creative direction
- Start up support
- Find your niche
- Confidence building
- How to market your business
- Brand story
- Hitting the right market
- Business plan
- The perfect pitch
- Costing and pricing

- Lightworker soul purpose direction


Are you stuck in a corporate job and feel a pull to do something more passion led? Do you want to do something more meaningful or turn your hobby into a profitable business? Or you could be an established business but feel like you are not getting anywhere, or have lost your spark. Sometimes it's tough to make that leap, confidence, limited beliefs, money concerns, family commitments, fear or time can hold us back. By connecting to your energy, I can see your unique skills, pull out your creative ideas and offer psychic guidance to follow your highest path. This course is designed for you, to help you stand in your power, focus on your strengths and turn your passions into a workable business. Let's make your dreams a reality!

ENERGY EXCHANGE - £220 per month, cancel anytime. 

Testimoials Enrgy Healing
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