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1 Hour Trigger Response Healing (TRH)

Online or in person healing to detect and remove trauma triggers.

  • 1 h
  • 60 British pounds
  • Soul Crystals, Staffordshire|Online

Service Description

1 hour session to detect and remove trauma. We all experience trauma in our life and it often holds us back, we keep ourselves small, repeat the same patterns, react on fear and form unhealthy habits and attachments. I work with the sub-conscious to pull out negative emotions, changing old programming and belief systems. This is a 1 hour session that is great for focusing on a particular area you are struggling with, or as a taster session. To create long term change to your health and well-being, please book the Trigger Response Healing (TRH) Course. - Trigger Response Healing (TRH) - Managing stress and anxiety - Childhood, ancestral and past life healing - Permanently removing energy blocks from all 4 bodies  - Pain, illness and injury relief - Cord cutting and portal removal - Breaking unhealthy patterns and addictions - Remove limited beliefs that are preventing success and love - Let go of money blocks, become financially abundant - Connect to your higher self and open up your psychic gift​ ​​​HOW TRIGGER RESPONSE HEALING WORKS: Emotional triggers, are things (e.g. memories, objects, people) that spark intense negative emotions. This change in emotions can be abrupt, and in most cases it will feel more severe than what the trigger would logically call for. These triggers are a trauma reaction and I have a unique ability to work around the ego defence system that has supressed these painful trauma memories. Most trauma is created between the ages of 4-7 years old as the brain is developing. At such a young age, we are learning to make sense of the world, and a trauma experience is normally created the first time we feel danger. This could be as simple as being shouted at or left to cry alone. The sub-conscious supresses these painful or scary experiences from you to protect you, and will create emotional triggers throughout your life whenever faced with similar situations. These emotional triggers can really hold us back and we end up attracting the same traumatic experiences again and again throughout our lifetime such as bad relationships, commitment issues, abandonment issues, phobias, anxiety, depression. I can remove these trauma responses for good by pulling out supressed memories (mental body) and release supressed emotions (emotional body). I then remove energetic blocks stored within the body (physical body) and re-wire the mind to remove old programming (spiritual body). TRH Healing is also available remotely for children and animals.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be cancelled up to 4 hours before your booking time. Courses can be cancelled at the month end. Refunds will be offered for future sessions only. Unfortunately I can not refund for completed sessions due to the energy exchanged.

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