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Bioresonance Programmed Jewellery

I am offering these beautiful hand-made clear quartz crystal necklaces, programmed with Bioresonance to powerfully shift your energy. I often recommend them to my clients to help with their spiritual growth, personal development, healing  and energy balancing. They dramatically shift your energy to where it needs to be!

Get in contact if you would like me to recommend which program you need right now.

Stress and Anxiety - will detach you from worries about the past and present so you can be more focused in the now. Will help clear your mind and bring peace and joy.


Psychic Abilities - will enhance psychic and mediumship abilities by better opening you up to other dimensions, where you can receive better connection and communication, whilst feeling safe and protected.

Grounding - will ground your energy, creating peace and harmony. This program balances your chakras and is perfect for supporting ADHD, empathic sensitivities, low mood and anxiety.

Surrounded By Angels - will open you up to the magic of Angels, offering you healing, protection, guidance and clear angelic connection and communication.

Gift Cards

Sarah Creatrix gift e-cards make the perfect gift. Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own.

Gift Cards
sarah creatrix gift cards
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