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Looking for guidance, direction and/or inspiration? I connect to your creative energy and inner success to help you bring your dreams to life! As a Psychic Healer, I help you to clear anything that is holding you back.


Success isn't just about possessions or money, it's about waking up every morning excited to do something you are passionate about and feeling that sense of achievement at the end of the day. As a psychic medium and energy worker, I can offer the direction and guidance to follow your souls purpose with minimal effort. It really is possible to live the life of your dreams!


I have always been sensitive to energy, I can see it, feel it and manipulate it, as well as travel between dimensions. I  have always felt different to other people and found my sensitivity as an empath difficult. Now I see it as my super power, where I can help people to open up their gift, find their own super power, heal trauma and create success in their business and personal life. I offer the highest guidance and healing from multidimensional galactic beings and ascended masters.


I have experience working with autism, ADHD, neurodiverse and empathic souls. Neurodiverse and empathic souls often struggle to fit into society, which can lead to energy blocks and imbalances. If you or your child are on the autism spectrum or are a sensitive soul, I can help you to reach your full potential and make better more connected relationships.


Everything is made of energy, all matter and psychological processes — thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes — are composed of energy. Energy works separately from the time or space reality that we experience, which is how I am able to see the past, present and future beyond our limited human senses.  


I previously worked as a fashion designer for 24 years with my own successful fashion brand for 10 years. I was guided to leave all that behind and follow my true path to help create heaven on earth. Not just for myself but for others also. The synchronicities I received from the universe were too great to ignore! My psychic medium ability grew rapidly and my spiritual practices started to dominate my life in a way that transformed me completely. I began to let go of the normal stresses and struggles of life, removing me from survival mode into a life full of passion, creativity and love.

'A Creatrix is a woman who is deeply connected to herself as a woman and the feminine source of creative power.  She gives rise to desires, gives birth to ideas and life of all kinds.'

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