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Many people start meditating as a way to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and cultivate peace of mind, but there are so many other benefits to meditation. Practising daily meditations can drastically improve wellbeing, mental health and physical health. It has even been proven to reverse the ageing process. Learn to connect within and open yourself up to the magic of the universe with these simple free guided meditations.

Meditation for an Overactive Mind

I channelled this meditation to help those suffering from an over active mind. Stress and anxiety can make it difficult to switch off and meditate, even experienced meditators have moments where they struggle to switch off and focus. This meditation contains simple breathing exercises to keep your mind distracted and focused so that the archangels can work on clearing and balancing your energy. They will start by clearing your thoughts and emptying your mind so that we can raise you into a healing state where they can balance your energies. This is great for people who experience highs and lows, ADHD or if you fall asleep during meditating.


This 15 minute meditation is perfect to do on a daily or weekly basis to keep your mind clear and more focused. It will help you to think more clearly, calm your mind, help with decision making and leave you feeling relaxed, happier and healthier. Try setting yourself a 2 week challenge to do this meditation every day, or a 3 month weekly challenge. Regular meditation practices can make a huge difference to your health and well-being.


Meditation is the best way to connect you to yourself and your intuition on a spiritual level. It can create a spiritual awakening and expand your mind, whilst enhancing your current spiritual practices and spiritual gift.

Angelic Rainbow Light Chakras Cleanse Meditation

Chakras opening and deep cleanse meditation using angelic rainbow light.  We have 7 main energy centres within the body called Chakras.  Blocked Chakras can create feelings of overwhelm, confusion, fear, stress and anxiety.  When our chakras are all open and energy is able to flow freely through them, we are at our happiest and healthiest. By opening our chakras energy centres, we are able to open up our intuitive gifts and lead from the heart rather than from fear. 


Through meditation we are able to connect to our inner world and detach from the craziness of the outside world.  Here we can find peace, clarity, love, and joy. 


If you would like to open up your spiritual gifts, this meditation is a great practice to help you connect and receive messages from your spirit guides and the angels. It will also help you connect to your soul and follow your true path. 

This meditation can be done daily or on a regular basis. 

Heaven and Earth Deep Healing Meditation

Deep healing meditation to cleanse and heal your chakra energy centres. Working with the healing energies of the earth and the angelic realm to clear anything that needs healing right now.  Creating balance by allowing energy to flow more freely through your body, mind and aura to help improve mental and physical health.  This powerful meditation will help with the following:


Mental Health - relieves stress, worry, fear and lower emotions. Great for anxiety and achieving mental clarity. 


Physical Health - helps with illness, pain and injuries as well as improving your immune system. 


Energetic Health - allows energy to flow through your body, creating more balance, happiness and wellbeing. 


Spiritual Health - opens up your spiritual connection by removing any blocks that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. Be prepared for big energy shifts!


This meditation can be performed daily to keep your energies at the highest level. 

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