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Online Spiritual Courses and Plans

My online one-to-one spiritual courses are designed to help you make long term changes to your business and/or personal life. I work closely with you to provide the guidance, healing and support to confidently make the changes needed to achieve long term success and happiness. 


  • Starting or growing your spiritual business, spiritual business mentor and coaching.

  • Business growth and business success.

  • Find your spiritual gift, understand your soul purposes and develop your unique gift.

  • Psychic mediumship courses focusing on developing your psychic or mediumship gift.

  • Understanding autism, ADHD energy balancing, for yourself or parents with an autistic child.

  • Trauma healing course, detach from fear and lead with the heart.

  • Step into your confidence and detach from stress and anxiety. 

  • Overcoming mental or physical illness.

  • Breaking unhealthy patterns, addictions or attachments.

  • Finding and building better relationships. 

  • Creating success and abundance in all areas of your life.

Choose your investment plan

  • Trigger Response Healing (TRH)

    Every month
    Trauma and energy healing, unblock your psychic gifts.
    • 4 x 1 hour sessions per month, cancel any time
    • Unlocking Childhood, Ancestral and Past Life Memories
    • 4 Body Healing - Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual
    • Emotional Trigger Response Removal
    • Breaking Unhealthy Patterns and Trigger Management
    • Energy Healing to Improve Mental and Physical Health
  • Psychic Development Course

    Every month
    Develop your psychic ability and discover your unique gift.
    • 4 x 1 hour sessions per month, cancel any time
    • Discover Your Unique Gift and Soul Purpose
    • Your Starseed Past
    • Psychic Skills and Mediumship Development
    • Working With Angels and other Dimensions
    • Heart Connection
  • Business Growth Course

    Every month
    Creating success, for startups and existing businesses.
    • 4 x 1 hour sessions per month, cancel any time
    • Confidence Building
    • Find Your Unique Offering
    • Branding and Marketing
    • Work With Your Target Audience
    • Manifest and Create Success
    • Connecting Your Business to Your Soul Purpose

Trigger Response Healing (TRH)


For more intense healing or to focus on trauma healing so that you can detach from fear and lead with the heart. This energy healing course involves weekly 1 hour sessions to detect and remove trauma. We all experience trauma in our life, and it is stored within our 4 bodies mental, physical, emotional and spiritual as a barrier to help protect us. This barrier often holds us back, we keep ourselves small, repeat the same patterns, react on fear and form unhealthy habits and attachments. As an energy worker, I look into childhood, ancestral and past life supressed memories to identify the root cause of the trauma and how it has held you back throughout your life. I work with the sub-conscious to pull out negative emotions, changing old programming and belief systems that have held you back. 

- Trigger Response Healing (TRH)

- Managing stress and anxiety

- Childhood, ancestral and past life healing

- Permanently removing energy blocks from all 4 bodies 
- Pain, illness and injury relief
- Cord cutting and portal removal

- Breaking unhealthy patterns and addictions

- ADHD healing and energy balancing

- Connect to your higher self and open up your psychic gift


Emotional triggers, are things (e.g. memories, objects, people) that spark intense negative emotions. This change in emotions can be abrupt, and in most cases it will feel more severe than what the trigger would logically call for. These triggers are a trauma reaction and I have a unique ability to work around the ego defense system that has supressed these painful trauma memories. Most trauma is created between the ages of 4-7 years old as the brain is developing. At such a young age, we are learning to make sense of the world, and a trauma experience is normally created the first time we feel danger. This could be as simple as being shouted at or left to cry alone. The sub-conscious supresses these painful or scary experiences from you to protect you, and will create emotional triggers throughout your life whenever faced with similar situations. These emotional triggers can really hold us back and we end up attracting the same traumatic experiences again and again throughout our lifetime such as bad relationships, commitment issues, abandonment issues, phobias, anxiety, depression. I can remove these trauma responses for good by pulling out supressed memories (mental body) and release supressed emotions (emotional body). I then remove energetic blocks stored within the body (physical body) and re-wire the mind to remove old programming (spiritual body). By overriding the sub-conscious defense, I can release trauma from all 4 bodies without you having to suffer the painful memories and emotional releasing directly. I channel this for you! It's an extremely powerful and beautiful process. I then teach you how to manage your new energy, break old mindset patterns and clear out any left over layers that may come up to be released. 

Animal energy healing and animal trauma healing also available.

ENERGY EXCHANGE - £210 per month, cancel anytime. 


Psychic Development Course


This course is designed to help you find your unique spiritual gift, and grow your connection within your psychic and mediumship abilities. Psychic Skills Development Course involves weekly 1 hour sessions designed to teach you about psychic mediumship and how you can bring your gift to life. You will learn techniques to connect to the highest energies, safely manage your connection and learn to confidently trust your gift. Suitable for all levels.

- Discover your unique gift

- Mediumship, communicating with spirit

- Psychic development

- Getting to know your spirit guides

- Connect to your soul and source energy

- Working with angels

- Learn your star seed connection

- Grounding techniques

- Methods to channel guidance

- How to manage your gift

- Protection techniques

We are all different and unique, which is why I focus on techniques which work best for you. I connect to your higher self and use channeled guidance in all sessions so that we can focus on your personal strengths. By connecting to your energy, I can show you your top 3 Clair abilities, show you how to use them and apply them to your soul/life purpose. I have the ability to see what you see, feel what you feel, and through this mirror you will gain the best teachings on your unique gift and how to use them confidently.


ENERGY EXCHANGE - £210 per month, cancel anytime. 


Business Growth Course


This course is suitable for start ups, spiritual businesses and existing business owners. Business Development Course involves weekly 1 hour sessions to bring your business to life and create abundance with minimal effort. Focusing on your strengths, I can help you provide a unique offering to help you stand out from the crowd. To confidently bring your ideas to life and market your brand. Each session involves channeled guidance to ensure you go down the path that will offer you the most success and joy. Clear any blocks, uncertainty and ensure you are not getting in your own way. 


- Creative direction
- Start up support
- Find your niche
- Confidence building
- How to market your business
- Brand story
- Hitting the right market
- Business plan
- The perfect pitch
- Costing and pricing

- Lightworker soul purpose direction


Are you stuck in a corporate job and feel a pull to do something more passion led? Do you want to do something more meaningful or turn your hobby into a profitable business? Or you could be an established business but feel like you are not getting anywhere, or have lost your spark. Sometimes it's tough to make that leap, confidence, limited beliefs, money concerns, family commitments, fear or time can hold us back. By connecting to your energy, I can see your unique skills, pull out your creative ideas and offer psychic guidance to follow your highest path. This course is designed for you, to help you stand in your power, focus on your strengths and turn your passions into a workable business. Let's make your dreams a reality!

ENERGY EXCHANGE - £210 per month, cancel anytime. 


Bespoke Course


Bespoke Courses are available to suit your needs. By merging all of my courses into one, you could for example learn to develop your spiritual gifts, heal any blocks that are standing in your way and receive business direction to create success in all areas of your life.


This is perfect for healers and lightworkers who are here to make real change to the world. If you are a healing therapist, reiki practitioner, councillor, life coach, psychic medium, spiritual creative, old soul, empath, starseed or feel there is something more to life, then this course is for you. I connect you to your soul purpose and guide you down your highest path. All sessions are channeled for your highest good.

All of my services are available within this course and includes Trigger Response Healing (TRH), ADHD energy healing, Reiki healing, Reiki facials, psychic medium guidance and more.

ENERGY EXCHANGE - £210 per month, cancel anytime. 


Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be cancelled up to 4 hours before your booking time.

Courses and price plans can be cancelled if circumstances change or you are not entirely happy. Refunds will be offered for future sessions only. Unfortunately I can not refund for completed sessions due to the energy exchanged.

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