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Balancing 3D and 5D

Last week I hit rock bottom with my healing and spiritual journey. “I don’t want to do it anymore! I need a break! I want to feel like me again!”

I’d had enough. Luckily, my wonderful friends pulled me out of it and offered me the guidance I needed. “It’s ok to have a break!”

When we experience a spiritual awakening, we start to see beyond our 3D world. The 3D reality that we experience through our five senses, beyond our animal urges and survival needs. We experience the world in 4D and 5D. It’s called a spiritual awakening because it feels like we have woken up, like being unplugged from the Matrix. Suddenly everything makes sense, we realise we are all connected and experience dimensions beyond our limited 3D world. This transformation is both beautiful and challenging at the same time. As with the Matrix, when Neo opened his eyes to his new world, a deep healing process takes place of unlearning everything we have come to believe in our lifetime. It does not end there, as our power becomes stronger, so does our healing journey.

Everyone needs a holiday, even spiritual people. We should not feel guilty about closing ourselves off. A friend of mine who is a strongman competitor said “It is like deadlifting heavy weight every day. We need a break!”

That rest allows us to come back stronger and more focused. Our gift and connection will always be there waiting for us when we come back. Taking a step back for a while reignites our fire. It is like going to sleep for a while and waking up more refreshed, inspired and motivated.

It is normal to feel guilty when we lose our connection and fall into a slump. It is ok to allow ourselves to be 3D for a while, after all, we are 3D! They say “It’s always darkest before the dawn”. Sometimes the spiritual answers we need, and the experiences our soul needs to expand and grow can only happen in 3D. That is part of the reason we came here, so we can experience a 3D life.

So, remember to just embrace these moments, they are only temporary. Try to enjoy them as much as possible, after all who does not enjoy a holiday? Use that reflection time positively, listen to what your sub-conscious is trying to tell you. Embrace your dark moments and listen to what your emotions are trying to tell you. It is all part of our growth.

Love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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