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Cord Cutting From Toxic Relationships

Do you ever feel like you are going around in circles with someone? A relationship that’s on/off, that you feel is not good for you, but you keep going back? Is there a friend or family member that drains your energy, or triggers you, bringing out the worst in you? You keep falling into arguments and can’t seem to move past it? Or do you feel frustrated with a person because you can’t seem to get through to them?

Cords and portals attach us to people and create an unhealthy emotional attachment that drains our energy. They hold us down like an anchor, and when removed, will raise our vibration. It’s like cutting a ribbon on a balloon, allowing the balloon to rise up. Have you tried cutting cords but nothing changes? On my recent journey of deep healing, I have discovered so much about energy portals. Unlike a cord that can be energetically cut, a portal is a direct link that can’t be cut. It needs to be detached from you and moved back to the person you are linked to.

So what causes a cord or energy portal to form?

- An imbalanced energy exchange (also known as energy vampires).

- An emotional connection based on a mutual experience such as grief, loss or trauma.

- Emotionally controlling behaviours from narcissists or overly dominant personalities.

- An emotional need to help someone that can’t or won’t be helped.

These lower attachments can link us to romantic partners, ex partners, friends, work colleagues, family members or even our own children. They cause us to feel triggered and can create toxic relationships where we keep going around in circles. This leads to cycles of separating and getting back together; or falling out and speaking again. It creates feelings of fear, co-dependency, rage, frustration and helplessness. Even when we have broken free from a toxic relationship or worked through our differences, this cord or portal can remain attached, causing us to easily become triggered when facing situations that are similar to those experienced with that person.

Removing this attachment helps us in many ways.

- We become more independent.

- We feel safe and secure.

- We are no longer triggered.

- Our energy levels increase.

- It raises our vibration, making us feel more joyful.

- We are no longer controlled by our emotions with this person.

- We are free!

Cutting cords or removing energy portals does not end the relationship. It just removes the unhealthy part of your attachment to that person so you can communicate and make the right decisions from a place of love, not fear.

I offer cord cutting and portal removing within my Reiki Energy Healing service. You can request to have this done when booking. We are not always aware of our unhealthy emotional attachments. I can therefore either perform a general cord cutting and removal, or you can request the person you would like the removal from.

Stay happy, healthy and become the master of your own energy!

Love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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