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New Moon Wish - Releasing Attachment

How is everyone feeling right now?

Saturday was the new moon and solar eclipse in Taurus, with energy coming in to help us release what no longer serves us. Our hearts will feel big and open ready to manifest a new chapter in our lives full of stability and growth. Sunday is the festival of Beltane, supporting new beginnings, where darkness becomes light, and all things new are possible. With all the amazing energy coming through this weekend, it is our perfect time to make new moon wishes.

With so much fear around security right now, I wanted to share with you my new moon wish. My wish is not just about work, but about balancing all aspects of my life, including career, family, spirituality and romance:

Dear Universe,

I no longer focus my work on the outcome i.e. money or popularity. My new focus is on my ability to help people. To feel joy in what I do, to be able to make a difference to the world. If I can align one client with their highest path, and they go on to help hundreds of people, that is my doing. I trust the universe will support me and provide me with all the security I need to live comfortably enough to do my work. I release my connection to the material world and enjoy everything I have in my life right now. I manifest growth and success without attachment to the outcome.

When we detach from ego and focus on love and passion, we align with the universe and flow with the highest energy. We move out of our own way and allow abundance into our life. What is your new moon wish?

love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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