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Talks with Mother Earth

If you’ve heard of the Gaia Theory, the earth is more than just a piece of rock and is a living being controlling its own environment. I connect to earth energy every day, it keeps me grounded and when I feel down, the energy feels like a big warm hug from your mum!

Today in meditation I connected deep into the core of the earth and rested there connecting to earths powerful heartbeat. I wanted to share with you our discussion:

“Mother Earth, did you create Covid?”



“To slow people down.”

“Have people learnt to slow down and maintain that today?”

“No, they have returned to their busy chaotic lifestyle.”

“Was that the intention?”


“Did you know the virus would cause a two year lockdown?”

“Yes, that’s how people would naturally react. It was intended to give them reflection time.”

“To wake them up?”

“Yes, but also to make the necessary changes to their lives.”

“For those that lost money during the pandemic, was that meant to happen?”

“Yes, to give them new direction.”

"Will we experience another pandemic in this lifetime"

"Yes but not to this scale."

“Did you create the war on Ukraine to increase petrol prices so that it would force us to find healthier fuel sources?”


“Was that the universe’s doing?”

“No, it was man’s free will.”

“Do you care about war and that we live more peacefully?”


“Do you care about people damaging the environment?”


“What would you do if we started making serious damage to the environment?”

I then saw images of dark ash and fire throughout the land. Everything was flat, no buildings or traces of anything, just black ash and fire.”

“How will you achieve this?”

“Volcanic fire. Plants will grow again through the ashes and new life and species will form.”

“Thank you Mother Earth. I love you.”

“I love you too my child.”

Love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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