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The Magic of Glastonbury

Glastonbury is not only known for its music festival, but the legendary village of Glastonbury has been recognized as a spiritual centre since the megalithic era, it is the site of the first Christian church in the British Isles and the Isle of Avalon from the King Arthur tale. This beautiful town full of quirky little hippie and crystal shops is named the Heart Chakra of the Earth. This is because it is the crossover point for the Michael and Mary Ley Lines where Universal and Earth energy is amplified. As a super sensitive person to energy, I felt the urge to visit Glastonbury to see what all the fuss was about.

The Glastonbury Tor

As a child I was always sensitive to energy. I was told to stop being silly and behave whenever I reacted negatively to the energies, so it felt amazing later in life when I discovered so many other people felt it too. I had my biggest spiritual awakening during my first trip to Glastonbury. Driving into Glastonbury, I started to feel the pressure of it’s strong energy just 4 1/2 miles from the town centre. The best way I can describe it is like being on an aeroplane. My ears started popping and I felt pressure in and around my head.

My sensitivity to energy amplified like crazy, I felt a strong connection to everyone I came into contact with and discovered how surreal the true power of the universe was. I found myself connected to everything, the earth, plants, animals and even myself. I could feel how strongly energy connects us all and could feel the emotions and aura surrounding each person. Human energy became overpowering for me, especially from the tourists, who seemed to carry more stress than the laid back locals. I could feel emotions that people were not even aware of and felt their energy levels shift when using mobile phones or rushing around shops. This connection was immensely powerful and at one point felt like my head was about to explode. I struggled recognising which energies were my own and which were other peoples. The locals had a much more relaxed vibe and were much easier for me to be around. I would love seeing them walk around blissed out and free from the restrictions of human emotion. A local man we met at the Chalice Wells explained how he was waiting for his friend to arrive. He mentioned how they never use phones to arrange to meet, but use the magical Glastonbury energy to communicate telepathically. He would just think about meeting his friend in his mind, and she would just turn up around the same time. 'You are late!' would be their normal joke reply if one arrived half an hour after the other.

The Chalice Well

I discovered the best way to ground myself from the intense energies was to sit alone in nature. I would meditate on the more secluded Wearyrall Hill where I could see the whole of Glastonbury. It gave me a wonderful feeling of freedom and perspective, where I was able to manage my energy and work on myself. I would go into deep meditations and connect to spiritual dimensions. I would see a blinding bright light and feel a rush of energy rising up and through me. In this state I could ask myself anything and the answer would be revealed to me clearly.

Beltane Sunrise over the Tor taken from Wearyrall Hill.

When speaking to a local crystal shop owner, they reassured me that my sensitivity would go back to normal once I returned home. Weeks and months passed and my sensitivity never went back to how it was. I had to learn powerful grounding and protection techniques to balance and protect my energy. My sensitivity has continued to grow and expand since, but has turned into the beautiful gift that I now use to help guide others.

As I was about to leave Glastonbury I noticed I had a flat tyre. A local man at the petrol station saw my flat and offered me the help and guidance I needed to get home safely. He said ‘Now I realise why I was drawn to come here this morning to hoover out my car’. It made me realise how much we are all connected through energy, and when we open this side, it is truly beautiful. I still love to visit Glastonbury and find it the perfect place to release any negative emotions and connect with my spiritual side. I love the magic of Glastonbury and will always have a connection to its powerful energy.

Love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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