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Understanding Your Child on the Spectrum


Neurodiversity is a relatively new term. It was originally used by the autistic community, who were keen to move away from the medical model and dispel the belief that autism is something to be treated and cured, rather than a valuable part of human diversity. It is no longer classed as a mental health or learning difficulty, but as a different way to experience, interact and interpret the world. With neuro meaning the brain and nervous system, autism is not only linked to a difference in brain function.

From my spiritual experience of people on the spectrum, there is still so much that most of us don’t see and understand. We are all made of energy and as someone who can see, feel and manipulate energy, I will share with you what is difficult to see through our five human senses. When I mention autism and neurodivergence, I am referring to all children on the spectrum, no matter what level or personality type.

Autism and Spiritual Connection

My experience with people diagnosed with autism, ADHD and other forms of neurodivergence, is that they are highly spiritual. They have a lot of light coming into their crown, and their energy is beautiful and pure. By sharing my experience of this I hope to help more people on the spectrum and parents with children on the spectrum create more harmony in their relationships.

How We Learn to be Human

We are highly complex beings, however there is no instruction manual given to us when we are born. We only have each other to learn from. Most neurodiverse children are taught to cope with the world by neurotypical parents, teachers and peers. This makes it extremely difficult for a neurodiverse child to make sense of the world. Normally by adulthood they have learnt to adapt and fit in with society, but is this the best way for them?

To mirror a society that sees the world differently can feel unnatural and very hard work.

Fitting in With the Pack

It reminds me of jungle book, where Mowgli was brought up by a pack of wolves. The wolf pack took him in as their own, loved, nurtured and only wanted the best for him. Despite this, Mowgli faced challenges trying to fit in with his pack. He couldn’t run, jump or hunt like them. This may have created frustration within the pack, but as he got older and was allowed more freedom, they discovered he could create fire, make tools and weapons that helped to outsmart the evil Shere Khan. This is very much like people with Autism, who have amazing ways to contribute to the pack. They don’t need to contribute in the same way as everyone else, they have unique gifts and abilities that have created lasting changes to the world. Look at Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, Tim Burton, Charles Darwin, Michelangelo, and Bill Gates, they were all on the spectrum and the world wouldn’t be the same without them.

Who Is More Evolved?

What we don’t realise is that people on the spectrum are much more evolved than a neurotypical person. They have less attachment to the human survival instinct, also known as ego. As with other mammals, we are pack animals. Working in groups to benefit our survival, creating safety in numbers and a safe community where we can protect ourselves from predators. It’s the hunter gatherer instinct that is no longer needed. We can purchase everything we need from the supermarket down the road and the majority of people can afford to buy a year’s supply of food in one go if necessary. We don’t tend to experience much danger either, we are at the top of the food chain and the only danger we face is from other humans. Human conflict is normally an effect of fear, greed and dominance created by our ego, when in fact we have enough resources on this planet for everyone to live harmoniously.


Parents of children on the spectrum all fear the judgement faced by others when their child has a meltdown in public. If an autistic child has a meltdown in a supermarket after we tell them they can’t have something, it is purely because money, wealth and hierarchy does not resonate. They are far too evolved for this primitive behaviour, so become confused and frustrated. If the world was run by neurodiverse people, there would be no money, social groups, poverty or war. They would live peacefully and share the resources of the planet equally. Yes, they are actually intelligent enough to realise that there are more than enough resources on this planet to go around. With our bigger human cortex and memory, we no longer need to live in packs to fight off predators, to be the alpha in order to get the best food and breeding opportunity. A neurodiverse person doesn’t see danger like us because in their advanced brains they are able to use their creative thinking and technology to create security and abundance. Children on the spectrum are both creative and great with technology, which they can use positively to make the world a better place. They struggle to fit into social circles because we no longer need to live in packs to survive. Lying, manipulation, and popularity are not needed in their world.


Children on the spectrum are honest, full of love with pure intentions. They are playful, still hold onto some childlike qualities and don’t take the world too seriously. Many autistic children struggle to talk and communicate. This again is due to their highly evolved spiritual connection. Some children can communicate telepathically and are beyond primitive methods of communication. They have heightened senses, and this is a gift! I truly believe we can learn so much from these beautiful people. If you are a parent of a child on the spectrum, you will be aware of how special and loving your child is.


If you would like to know more about your child and receive guidance to connect with them on a deeper level, I offer Psychic Medium Readings to help you do this. I can also offer support and guidance to individuals on the spectrum to help enhance their gift and find peace and happiness in this lifetime.

love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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