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What Is Spirituality?

We had so much fun filming my latest movie 'Introduction to Spirituality'. It explores the meaning of spirituality, spiritual healing, spiritual energy and how to start your spiritual journey. How spirituality can improve well-being, mental health, anxiety and depression, and what it means to be a spiritual person and live a spiritual life.

Spirituality is not a belief system or religion, but a mindset and way of life. It is suitable for any age, background and religion. There are many ways to enhance your spiritual practices including meditation, crystal healing, reiki therapy, spending time in nature, even singing and dancing. It's about living in the moment without focusing on the past or future. To learn to quiet the mind so that you can connect to your soul. To raise your vibration and live a life full of love, joy and passion. To overcome lower emotions and live a soul led and happy life!

In this short movie, I interviewed people from different backgrounds and careers. They discussed their spiritual awakening, the meaning of spirituality and tips for those looking to start their spiritual journey.

Interviews by:

Sarah - Psychic Medium and Business Consultant

Rick - Photographer and Film Maker

Luke - International Strongman Competitor

Camilla - Owner of Soul Crystals Shop in Cheadle

Niki - Owner at Woo Woo Spiritual Business Network

Sarah - Video Telematics Account Manager

If you are curious to know more about spirituality and learn techniques to live a happier healthier life, check out my other blogs or follow me on social media:

love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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