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Why is Popularity so Important?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

As I continue down my healing path, with my main focus on supporting people from a place of love, I am dropping more of my old self as I settle into my new role. I recently dropped my attachment to wealth and the material world. So why do I still feel empty? What is my ego missing out on?

I never saw myself as someone who craves attention, approval or popularity, but I was wrong. I still have this attachment holding me back.

Why is popularity so important? Was it from striving to get attention as a child? My dad only seemed to praise me when I did something which pleased him. Has this taught me from a young age to spend more time pleasing others over myself?

When I set up my fashion business, I spent more time pleasing others. This is how I thought a business should be run. After all, the customer is always right and I had been brought up to put others first. This mindset no longer resonates with me and my new career path. I discovered when I move into a place of love and happiness, my light will shine brighter on others, with much less effort.

THE OLD ME was driven by ego with the support of love.

THE NEW ME is driven by love with the support of ego.

Love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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