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Have You Been a Victim to Bullying?

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Group dynamics have never really resonated with me. As a free spirit, I have always found being part of a group restricting. I used to feel a lot of pressure to fit in and felt frustrated by the judgement and criticism received for being myself. Being bullied and ganged up on is something we have all experienced at some time in our life. It creates a fear of not being good enough and we end up changing ourselves as a way of fitting in. Some people become withdrawn, but most people change their personality, people please, or become more aggressive, toughen up! This moves us away from who we truly are and this front is exhausting to maintain. It leads to anxiety, low self worth and even depression.

So how does group bullying work and why is it so traumatic?

People form groups based on similar circumstances or interests. It's a way of feeling safe and creates a feeling of belonging and connection with others. Within groups hidden hierarchies are formed in which it becomes easier for the more dominant members to behave negatively towards others. They receive backing for this bad behaviour from other members in the group, who were either manipulated, dominated or have similar negative thoughts as the other members of the group. Behaving negatively as a group makes it safer for the individuals to get away with bad behaviour as it becomes more difficult for this behaviour to be challenged. The group dynamic also makes it more unbearable for the victim of this bad behaviour because of our human need to fit in. The victim starts to lose their sense of right and wrong and this confusion causes a loss of confidence and power. When a whole group turns against them, they start feeling immense shame, blaming themselves and feeling like there is something wrong with them. What other explanation could there be for everyone feeling the same way towards you? The victim of bullying ends up changing themselves just to be accepted and fit in, they will do anything for an easy life.

Group hierarchy is a natural human behavior. When the more dominant members of the group are controlled by fear and trauma, they will use their position of power to justify their bad behaviour. Group bullying doesn't just happen in the playground, but in friendship groups, families, businesses and even government. It is what causes conflict, wars and most of the suffering in the world.

Overcoming bullying is not easy. It takes a lot of healing to reprogram your mind from the damage caused to your self worth. Focus on detaching from the group and spending time elsewhere. By going within and healing your wounds, it will be much more difficult for others to manipulate and control you. You will become more independent and less reliant on others. When you stay true to who you are and no longer base your self worth on the opinions of others, you will connect with more like minded people where you can be yourself without the fear of judgement. Who you are as a person is down to you. Focus on love and compassion over fear and control. You were born to be different and shine your light on others, so never dim your light for anyone. The best people will help support you to achieve everything you want. To help bring you up when you are down, rather than bring you down when you are up.

My Energy Healing Course is the perfect way to heal and step into your true confidence.

love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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