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Love Your Shadow Self

We all have a part of ourselves that we dislike, that we feel shame and embarrassment towards. The part of ourselves that didn't feel loved or liked by others as a child. The part of ourselves that was picked on, called fat, shouted at or not given the love or attention we needed at that time. This part of ourselves is called the 'Shadow Self'.

We try to run and hide from our shadow self and pretend everything is OK. We don't do this on purpose, it is our in built survival mode trying to keep us safe. It happens without us even realising it. Detaching from our shadow self is typically done in 3 ways:

1/ Changing the way others see us - by controlling our personality, appearance, status and popularity.

2/ Distraction - by over working, partying, dating, hobbies, phone scrolling, binging, drinking etc.

3/ Blaming others - we blame other people, society and the world around us for how we feel.

Trying to live up to the persona we created, control our lives, and view the world in this way is exhausting! Our shadow self eventually catches up with us once we realise that having the perfect house, successful job and lots of friends does not make our shadow self disappear. In fact we become more lonely, our relationships are all based on this facade and we stop listening to what we truly want. This is when the anxiety and depression kicks in. No matter how hard we work, what car we drive, how popular and successful we are, the shame never goes away. We become exhausted and can't be bothered to do it any more!

We can never escape our shadow self, however we can learn to accept it, understand it and love it. The shadow self is a part of who we are and we can not escape it. It is not easy to make peace with our shadow self on your own, but I can help you in my Energy Healing Course.

Do you want to stop making yourself small in order to fit in?

Learn to manage your emotions and find balance?

Feel more confident in your choices?

Let me help you step into your true power.

love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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