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Manifesting Your Dream Life

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Recently I have received a lot of guidance about manifesting and control. I feel like this is something that is effecting us all right now. In a meditation I saw a feather pen and scroll. When I opened the scroll there was nothing written on the paper. I then saw the words appear 'You can write your own story!'.

After manifesting my dream life, I received a hard kick from the universe. I learnt that we can write our own story, but this is not the same as controlling our future. When we apply too much control, we block ourselves from achieving what we really want. We disconnect from universal energy and try to achieve it alone. I kept hearing the words ‘Trust!’ ‘Surrender!’ and as much as I already understand this concept, it is much harder to apply in reality. Society has programmed us to control, ‘In order to do well at school you must study hard’ or ‘You won’t achieve anything by sitting on your backside’. Well wrong and wrong!

Let universal energy flow through you, be at one with the universe. This is where the magic happens!

How to Manifest your dream life:

- Keep your vibration high

- Trust!

- Loosen your grip

- Remove fear and limiting beliefs

The biggest mistake manifestors make is trying too hard. When we disconnect from the universe we close ourselves off from guidance, choosing the path we think is best rather than following our highest path. We may get to our destination eventually but it may take longer, we take a few wrong turns, walk through rocky terrain and even climb a mountain or two. When we surrender and learn our true path, the universe opens doors, it clears your path and lights up the way.

I can help you understand and follow your highest path with minimal effort. Teach you how to move out of your own way, merge with the magic of the universe to achieve everything you have dreamt of and more.

Repeat this affirmation:

Control is fear!

Trust is love!

I no longer need to worry, doubt myself or control.

I set my intention and trust.

I ask for guidance and trust.

I ask for direction and trust.

I am aligned with my power!

I am safe, I am protected, I am loved, TRUST!

love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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