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Following Your True Spiritual Path

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Do you ever feel like you are meant to do something greater but are not sure what it is? You have many interests, have done several courses but are lacking direction? Each person has their unique skill and spiritual ‘Super Power’. I can help you find yours with my new reading - Discover Your Unique Power

If someone is growing in an area quicker than you, don’t feel dis-heartened. It doesn’t mean that is not your path, it just means you are not fully aligned with your true skill yet. When you find it, the universe will sing, it will open up all the doors for you and light up your way. Continue to do the work where you feel called as this could be part of your path. It will all make sense. Listen for guidance, open your heart, move out of your own way.

After 24 years as a fashion designer, I was guided to remove my design services from my business and just focus on readings. This was a huge leap for me! I have always loved being a designer, and even though I can still help others with their creative business I still felt a loss.

This morning in meditation I received this guidance:

ME ‘Did I make a mistake moving away from being a designer?’


ME ‘Should I add my design services back into my business?’


Confused I ask why. I received this download:

I am still a designer. I don’t need to design product to be a designer. I help people design the life of their dreams using my creative ability. I am a life coach designer. I help people create their own story by guiding them down their best path and connect them to their creative energy.

Big changes are coming. We need builders, healers, guides, coaches, message givers, creatives etc. What’s your super power? My super power is helping you to find yours!

Love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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Beautiful post Sarah! Thank you for sharing. This resonates so much.

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