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Love and Self Worth

We all want to fall in love and have that beautiful harmonious connection with someone, whether you are single or in a relationship.

The biggest issue that holds us back is self worth. In a society full of judgement, it is difficult to avoid criticism. The high expectations we put on relationships is often the biggest cause of breakups. Too much expectation causes us to feel let down, and too much expectation from others leaves us feeling we are not good enough.

So what would a relationship be like if we removed expectations and self worth issues?

Lower Expectations: less disappointment, more contentment, enjoying each others company in the moment without focusing on the future or past. Less arguments, more compassion and understanding for the other person.

Higher Self Worth: attracting better relationships and not staying in relationships that are not aligned with our highest good. Less arguments and breakups created from past fears. More confidence to be your true self.

We can create more healthy relationships by working on our mindset. Healing work is the best solution but here are some positive changes we can make today:

  • Try to focus on the moment and don't put too much expectation on the future.

  • The past is the past, you have leant from your mistakes so let it go.

  • Set boundaries and don't be afraid to speak your truth. The right person will respect your wishes.

  • When you are triggered, acknowledge the past trauma that created this feeling and let it pass.

  • Lower any protective barriers, they have kept you safe in the past but will prevent you from moving forward.

  • It's OK to feel insecure, share your feelings with your partner and work on ways to build your confidence.

  • Make decisions from a place of love, not fear. Stop to ask yourself if you are basing your decision on a fear. If so, come back to it when you are in a higher vibration.

  • Open yourself up to love and respect. It's just as important to receive, as it is to give.

  • Communicate when you are both calm, create an equal balance of talking and listening.

Stay happy, love and be loved, you deserve it all!

Love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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