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Psychic Development Course

121 course to help you make long term change. Psychic Development Course involves weekly 1 hour sessions via Zoom or face to face.

The course is monthly but can be cancelled at any time. A minimum of 8 sessions is needed for this course and can continue for as long as you need.


This course is designed to help you find your unique spiritual gift, and grow your connection within your psychic and mediumship abilities. Psychic Skills Development Course involves weekly 1 hour sessions designed to teach you about psychic mediumship and how you can bring your gift to life. You will learn techniques to connect to the highest energies, safely manage your connection and learn to confidently trust your gift. Suitable for all levels.

- Discover your unique gift

- Mediumship, communicating with spirit

- Psychic development

- Getting to know your spirit guides

- Connect to your soul and source energy

- Working with angels

- Learn your star seed connection

- Grounding techniques

- Methods to channel guidance

- How to manage your gift

- Protection techniques

We are all different and unique, which is why I focus on techniques which work best for you. I connect to your higher self and use channeled guidance in all sessions so that we can focus on your personal strengths. By connecting to your energy, I can show you your top 3 Clair abilities, show you how to use them and apply them to your soul/life purpose. I have the ability to see what you see, feel what you feel, and through this mirror you will gain the best teachings on your unique gift and how to use them confidently.


ENERGY EXCHANGE - £210 per month, cancel anytime. 

Testimoials Enrgy Healing
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