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Spiritual Path to Success

121 course to help you make long term change. Spiritual Path to Success Course involves weekly 1 hour sessions via Zoom or face to face.

The course is monthly but can be cancelled at any time. A minimum of 12 sessions is needed for this course and can continue for as long as you need.

removing energetic blocks

Spiritual Path to Success is a bespoke courses to suit your personal soul growth. By merging all of my courses into one, you could for example learn to develop your spiritual gifts, heal any blocks that are standing in your way and receive business direction to create success in all areas of your life.

There is no need to spend thousands on spiritual courses, all the answers you are seeking are within you. I open up your connection and guide and support you through your soul purpose. Learn to be the best version of yourself and effortlessly attract love, success and wealth.

- Break old beliefs that are standing in your way to success

- Inner child, ancestral and past life healing

- Trigger Response Healing (TRH)

- Learn about your unique spiritual gift

- Discover your top 3 psychic clairs and how to use them

- Remove any barriers that are blocking your psychic connection

- Connect to past lives, starseed, ancient egypt, and non physical

- Your soul mission and what you are here to do

- Step into your true power and create success

- Make the changes needed to support your highest path

- Business and spiritual guidance and support


This is the perfect course for healers, starseeds and lightworkers who are here to make real change to the world. If you are a healing therapist, reiki practitioner, councillor, life coach, psychic medium, spiritual creative, old soul, empath, starseed or feel there is something more to life, then this course is for you.


This course is also perfect if you are at the beginning of your spiritual journey and need a spiritual mentor to support you. I connect you to your soul purpose and guide you down your highest path. All sessions are channeled for your highest good.

ENERGY EXCHANGE - £220 per month, cancel anytime. 

Testimoials Enrgy Healing
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