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Trigger Response Healing (TRH)

121 course to help you make long term change. TRH Healing Course involves weekly 1 hour sessions via Zoom or face to face.

The course is monthly but can be cancelled at any time. A minimum of 4 sessions is needed for this course and can continue for as long as you need. 

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For more intense healing or to focus on trauma healing so that you can detach from fear and lead with the heart. This energy healing course involves weekly 1 hour sessions to detect and remove trauma. We all experience trauma in our life, and it is stored within our 4 bodies mental, physical, emotional and spiritual as a barrier to help protect us. This barrier often holds us back, we keep ourselves small, repeat the same patterns, react on fear and form unhealthy habits and attachments. As an energy worker, I look into childhood, ancestral and past life supressed memories to identify the root cause of the trauma and how it has held you back throughout your life. I work with the sub-conscious to pull out negative emotions, changing old programming and belief systems that have held you back. 

- Trigger Response Healing (TRH)

- Managing stress and anxiety

- Childhood, ancestral and past life healing

- Permanently removing energy blocks from all 4 bodies 
- Pain, illness and injury relief
- Cord cutting and portal removal

- Breaking unhealthy patterns and addictions

- ADHD healing and energy balancing

- Remove limited beliefs that are preventing success and love

- Let go of money blocks, become financially abundant

- Connect to your higher self and open up your psychic gift


Emotional triggers, are things (e.g. memories, objects, people) that spark intense negative emotions. This change in emotions can be abrupt, and in most cases it will feel more severe than what the trigger would logically call for. These triggers are a trauma reaction and I have a unique ability to work around the ego defence system that has supressed these painful trauma memories. Most trauma is created between the ages of 4-7 years old as the brain is developing. At such a young age, we are learning to make sense of the world, and a trauma experience is normally created the first time we feel danger. This could be as simple as being shouted at or left to cry alone. The sub-conscious supresses these painful or scary experiences from you to protect you, and will create emotional triggers throughout your life whenever faced with similar situations. These emotional triggers can really hold us back and we end up attracting the same traumatic experiences again and again throughout our lifetime such as bad relationships, commitment issues, abandonment issues, phobias, anxiety, depression. I can remove these trauma responses for good by pulling out supressed memories (mental body) and release supressed emotions (emotional body). I then remove energetic blocks stored within the body (physical body) and re-wire the mind to remove old programming (spiritual body). By overriding the sub-conscious defence, I can release trauma from all 4 bodies without you having to suffer the painful memories and emotional releasing directly. I channel this for you! It's an extremely powerful and beautiful process. I then teach you how to manage your new energy, break old mindset patterns and clear out any leftover layers that may come up to be released.


TRH Healing is also available for children and animals. Your children or pet does not need to be present. I can do this in a remote session with the parent or owner.

ENERGY EXCHANGE - £220 per month, cancel anytime. 

Testimoials Enrgy Healing

I cant recommend Sarah highly enough I've had lots of talking therapies and its never made me feel any better. I've just completed the trauma course which has been bespoke each week tailored and wow is all i can say Sarah is very spiritual and intuitive, amazing gifts!!! I feel like a new person!! Thank you Sarah ❤ we have achieved more in your session than any doctor has helped me in 7 years.


I completed the Energy Healing Course and since have not only have experienced phenomenal spiritual uplevelling as a result, I have more frequent communication with my guides and Archangel Michael has become a very attached angel, very intent and vocal in my life, it's extraordinary! Most incredible and transformative for myself is how tenacious Sarah is, she transported me to my three year-old self during a session and revealed the origin of some blockage patterns in relationships that innocently stem from way back then. This was a gruelling session as I had to confront my ego resistances and pain around continuing and transforming relationships with my parents, parts of me really did not want to. Sarah lovingly held to the guidance and kept helping me push through. I was unconditionally held and supported by her until I had the revelation and broke through. She will always keep you focused within the trajectory of exactly what your guides/source/god, etc is asking/directing and make certain you stay with that, and her channel is so direct and powerful she can immediately clear any confusion, check when you become worried, distracted, etc. I feel utterly blessed to have someone so diligent and committed as Sarah! She will get you there! It's my first experience under a psychic mentor and one of the absolute best and most awakening <3!


I've been living with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember, so much so that it was the norm for me. About a year ago I realised that my childhood had been an abusive one due to narcissistic parenting. I had been conditioned to believe that my parents were strict. These experiences led to me attracting abusive and coercive partners, which again I believed to be the norm. I was conditioned to 'put up and shut up' with everything that life throws at you, and 'just get on with it'. This quiet, all consuming struggle is as I have come to discover, a disconnection from my true self. I wasn't keen on discussing my symptoms with a GP or a therapist because in the past I had been prescribed antidepressants and cognitive therapy. Although these were helpful, the effect was temporary and I never got to the bottom of my issues, and I didn’t want to relive them again. On a daily basis, my mind was constantly swirling with negative thoughts, my body was exhausted, and by now I was managing several health issues. I couldn't take anymore. After the first session of the Energy Healing Course, Sarah 'pulled out' a suppressed memory from my childhood. She kept me in a safe space and connected with the healing energies so that my healing could begin. To be honest, the path to healing is not an easy one, but with Sarah you are fully supported. Although there is some exploring of past memories, it is done with a view to make you see instantly how that connects with your current difficulties, and without causing you any further distress. In my experience, Sarah was able to explore, guide, and help me heal an aspect of my past in one hour that no therapist had achieved in multiple sessions. In another session she removed a negative entity that had attached to my body, which explained the self destructive behaviours I had been experiencing. The relief was immediate and I have not had any of those symptoms since. The gradual healing over the last 2 months has allowed me to release and fully recover from those awful childhood experiences. My mind is quieter, calmer, and now I am open to receive new nurturing experiences, whilst simultaneously identifying and locking out any negativity that attempts to come my way. There are many psychic practitioners out there who will say "raise your vibration", "connect with your true self", "stay in your power", but how many of us really understand what that means or even know where to begin?  Sarah will take you out of your old ways of functioning, reset your course in life, and lead you where you are supposed to be. As a by-product of these sessions, you will understand how to raise your vibration, connect with your true self, and stay in your power. Sarah's one to one sessions are incredibly powerful, and the experience is safe, unique to you, and enjoyable. At the end of the day, asking for any kind of help is not giving up (like we have been conditioned to believe) it is actually the first step to living a happier, calmer and healthier way of life. 


This week I had another amazing healing session with Sarah Creatrix! I feel lighter as soon as she begins the healing and really feel the difference moving forward. I’m finding that things now come up for me in the week before, letting me know it is meant to be cleared in the session. Sarah is able to identify past trauma and clear it instantly, she always knows what needs to be done even before we begin to work.



Had such a wonderful, moving experience with Sarah earlier today doing some trigger response healing. I feel light as a feather after she removed some childhood trauma. She also told me about my origins and purpose on this earth which I had an inkling about ❤️ thank you very much Sarah you are an amazing human being 🙏🏼 x


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