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Live a Fear Free Life

Just like a small child, my ego needs to be loved and given comfort and reassurance. Reminded that it is safe and protected and no longer needs to be in the driving seat. It can take a step back and feel safe and protected. The more we fight our ego, or inner child, the more it fights back. Instead tell your ego it is safe, protected and no longer needs to worry. It will then take a back seat and our fear walls that keep us trapped will be removed, allowing the fear barriers to drop.

Releasing attachment to fear creates freedom. These barriers are like a prison, it controls us and keeps us trapped. Money attachments and relationship attachments are our biggest hurdle. It takes so much of our focus and energy. All issues in life are created by fear. It keeps us small and from reaching our full potential. It's a human flaw! Unlike animals, we no longer need to be in fight or flight mode in order to survive. Our memories are advanced and we can use our memory to keep us safe.

Even memory can hold us back. It creates programming from others that may not be aligned with our individual needs, desires or purpose. Why should other people or society decide what's best for us? They are themselves driven by fear, so why should we conform with their fears? Dominance and control are created through fear. How many of us have been dominated or controlled? We all have, especially as a child. By taking on everyone else's fears, how are we to find our own way?

Instead we should be guided by past experiences and be allowed to find our own way. Take control of your own future. Detach from fear, remind it that you are safe and protected. Drop the barriers and allow yourself to really blossom into the unique perfect creation that you are. Only society creates our feelings of imperfection, not being good enough, being too much. Without this attachment to fear everyone would be able to shine and bring their unique quality to the world.

Love Sarah Creatrix ❤️

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