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Make Peace with Boredom

Boredom is vital for spiritual growth, it's the best way to connect within, get to know ourselves, heal and create love, success and abundance. So what is boredom and why are we so afraid of it?

Excessive Boredom

Boredom is when we feel energetic, but have nowhere to direct our energy. Excessive boredom can lead to reduced pleasure, feeling like we have no purpose, a lack of motivation and even depression. It's when we struggle to engage meaningfully in whatever it is we are doing. There are two main causes for excessive boredom, emotional detachment and learnt behaviour from childhood.

Emotional Detachment

Being hurt in the past can cause us to detach from our emotions as a way of protecting us from future pain. Emotional detachment disconnects us from our vital source of energy that tells us what we like and don't like. Our emotions are our instinctive language that tells us what we want and need. Not being true to oneself and our desires can lead to no sense of purpose and depression.

Learnt Behaviour from Childhood

Boredom could be learnt behaviour from childhood, especially if you were left alone a lot with no stimulation. Busy or distracted parents often don't have the time to provide regular entertainment for their child, they are unable to focus on the child's needs and the child becomes used to staying out of the way and not bothering anyone.

Spiritual Growth

Boredom is really good for spiritual growth. When we are not distracting ourselves with being busy, we can sit and learn who we truly are. Distraction effects our mental body, our physical body, our emotional body and disconnects us from our spiritual body. Being still without distraction allows us to go within rather than putting all our focus on our outside world. Boredom makes space for us to connect to our higher self and greatly increases spiritual development, soul growth and connects us to our higher purpose. This is why a prisoner who has spent a lot of time isolated can sometimes find enlightenment, or a monk will remove all distraction and isolate themselves from the world to reach spiritual growth.

Make Peace with Boredom

Boredom can feel like a negative emotion, especially if your inner child connects it to emotional pain, neglect or a lack of love and support. A child needs constant stimulation because that is how they learn about the world. An under-stimulated child is at risk of late development, lack of social skills and communication skills. This could threaten the ego / survival instinct, creating a link between boredom and fear.

As an adult, boredom is the best way to connect to our higher self and greatly increases spiritual development, soul growth and connects us to our higher purpose. We often look outside ourselves for stimulation, the egoic mind is always craving distraction and entertainment. When we are busy, the ego feels a false sense of security. It is also a great way to distract yourself from how you are really feeling and avoid fixing the parts of yourself that are holding you back. A productive person feels in control, they are working hard to improve their life, however this creates a false understanding of what true purpose is. We become too busy focusing on mundane tasks to see the bigger picture. We set ourselves goals and challenges that make us feel better, happier and healthier, but this uses up a lot of time and energy. We are more likely to miss out on better opportunities or ways of creating success and abundance in our life that use a lot less time and energy. We become the labourer instead of the architect. The architect births the creative ideas, they see the whole process, the wide angle, the birds eye view, and the close up intricate details. How else would you know what is working for you, what is holding you back and what you need to change?

Give Yourself Some Love

Don't be afraid to sit with yourself. If sitting in silence feels difficult or brings up negative emotions, then use that as a sign that something needs to change. Your inner child needs attention, support and love. Someone to listen to their needs, fears and cries for help. You deserve to be heard, so stop making yourself too busy and distracted for yourself. Your inner child needs your time and is screaming to be loved!

Love Sarah Creatrix ❤

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