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Masculine and Feminine Balance

Masculine and Feminine energy, also known as Yin and Yang, are present in both men and women. An equal balance of both yin and yang are needed to create meaningful happy relationships with others and with ourselves. It is the key to our happiness and self worth. It is when we are the most healthiest within our mind and body.

When our masculine and feminine energies are mature, we are vibrating at our highest and happiest frequency. An immature masculine will pull down the mature feminine and an immature feminine will pull down a mature masculine. One does not thrive without the other. To be our happiest and healthiest is when these two polarities are equally balanced.


  1. ATTENTION SEEKING - take everything personally in a self obsessed, self absorbed or selfish way.

  2. VICTIMHOOD - judging, comparing yourself to others, jealousy.

  3. SHYNESS - having problems expressing oneself, anxiousness and frustration.


  1. SHAME - feeling blame towards yourself, or where you blame others for your feelings.

  2. ARROGANCE - not valuing or honouring the opinions of others, believing that only your point of view matters.

  3. STUBBORNESS - controlling your reality, only seeing what you want to see, closed minded.

We can easily pick out these imbalances in others, I bet you were going through this list attaching names. Don't worry it's perfectly normal. It's much more difficult to see it in ourselves, however once we identify where we are imbalanced, we can focus on the cause and help to improve it.

Our imbalances are often caused from our life experiences, most often in childhood. Were you not given enough attention as a child? Overly dominated? Not supported enough? Overly criticised? Did any of this make you feel unloved, creating low self worth? These are all illusions created by other people's yin and yang imbalances. It's actually a vicious cycle! We all put our insecurities onto others whether we realise it or not. We did not come here with an instruction manual on how to live joyfully, we can only learn from others. The good news is we can break this pattern, not just for ourselves but for our children!

In my Energy Healing Course I identify which areas of your life need balancing. All guidance is channeled, with clear communication from your spirit guides and other high energy sources. To create balance the course will:

  • Heal the root cause of your imbalance, involves trauma healing and breaking ancestral patterns.

  • Teach you techniques to create more balance.

  • Help you to understand loved ones imbalances so you can work with them in a peaceful and forgiving way.

  • Attracting and maintaining better relationships with others.

  • Confidence techniques to fully stand in your power and live joyfully.

Live a life full of creativity, abundance and happiness! You deserve it!

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